What is Pascale di Cagliari Wine? Taste it during a wine tour in Cagliari!


Pascale di Cagliari is a red wine grape variety found in central Italy and Sardinia that is used for wine, raisin and rootstock production. Produce deeply collared wine suitable for blending. It’s permitted red Italian grapes variety in several DOC wines including Alghero DOC located in the northwest corner of Sardinia Island. Pascale di Cagliari is used to make both wine red and rose blended with different indigenous Italian varieties.

Over the years Pascale di Cagliari has been known under a variety of Synonym names like Giacomino include Canaiolo Romano i.e. possibly related to the variety Canaiolo Nero and several others. Wine connects so elements of life. From growing vegetables, cooking, eating, travelling, and studying. There is always something new to learn in the world of wine. Pascale di Cagliari is Sardinia’s unique grape varieties, and its skin was black. Minimum destined for DOC wine production grapes must be harvested to a yield no greater than 12hectare with the finished wines needing to attain a minimum alcohol level of at least 10%.

The taste of this sardinian wine, that you can feel during a wine tour in Cagliari:

Pascale di Cagliari is also grown in southwest Sardinia where it plays a supporting role in the Carignan wines. It is medium vigorous, and able to provide high yields consistently. 85% of Carignan grapes blend with the Pascale di Cagliari. These berries are large with the thick and leathery skin always contribution for good aromatic varietal character as Cannonau grapes. It’s ideal combinations with roast and slight scent of fruits always best match with the delicate dishes. Pascale di Cagliari wine manages to make good aromatic wines, and in purity it gives wines a beautiful ruby, with delicate aromas of fresh red fruit with a good tannic structure.