Villasimius Boat Tour with Snorkeling

Experience our Villasimius Boat Tour with Snorkeling! Experience a boat excursion across the uninhabited Isola dei Cavoli and protected sea area of Villasimius in Sardinia.

Description of the Villasimius Boat Tour with Snorkeling

Boat & Snorkeling Tour in Villasimius Sardinia

Snorkeling in Villasimius

In this unique Boat Tour you will discover by you own why the sea of Sardinia in considered one of the best in the world. With the Villasimius Boat Trip with Snorkeling you will:

  • explore from the best point of view the wonderful Marine Natural Reserve of Villasimius
  • try the unforgettable experience to swim in his turquoise and crystalline water and snorkel surrounded of multicolor fishes;
  • visit the holy shipwrecked’s Madonna, a suggestive statue under the water at the depth of 11 meters;
  • do trekking in the Cavoli island to reach his picturesque lighthouse and enjoy the indescribable view;
  • could do an adrenalin and safe jump into the sea from rocks.

Never Snorkeled before?

Snorkeling is simple, can be learned in a matter of minutes and mastered on your first outing. Snorkeling is easiest to learn with the assistance of one of our crew members.

Additional info on Villasimius Boat Trip with Snorkeling

  • Tour type: Sport, Nature.
  • Tour level: Easy/Medium.
  • Location: Villasimius, Sardinia, in the protected sea area of Isola dei Cavoli
  • Starting time: on demand.
  • Starting Point: Villasimius.
  • Type of boat: our tours are carried out with inflatable boats of 6 meters.
  • What is included: Boat tour; Snorkeling; Professional driver-guide; Mask and snorkel; Extra: Pick-Up, fruit and beverages.
Cagliari Villasimius Boat Tour in Sardinia

Boat Tour in Villasimius

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