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  1. Prices of the tours are at this link:
  2. Data we are requiring in this Booking Page are necessary to organize your tour. 
  3. Please be careful the data you are inserting are correct and accurate (e.g we need your whatsapp to communicate with you in a easy way).
  4. We could not assure we can provide the tours:
    1. if you are only one person. In this case, please fill the form and we will see if you can join to somebody else 😉
    2. If the weather conditions are not safe. In this case we will advise you few days before the tour and we will propose a way forward 😉
  5. The full amount of the tour shall be paid before the tour. The payment can be done by bank transfer, by paypal (by adding 4% of commission), by cash..
  6. We can’t guarantee availability of places for tours for last minute bookings.

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