What is Malvasia wine? Taste it during a wine tour in Cagliari


When we talk about Malvasia, we think of white Sardinian grapes varieties. White Malvasia wines are, no doubt, much better known. These are made in the Tasca d’Almerita way, gives you a good balance of taste between sweetness and acidity, pleasantly fresh and citrus after taste of long persistence. In Italian pronunciation Malvazia a group of wine grape variety grown in the historic Islands like Mediterranean region, Balearic, Canary and the island of Madeira but, nowadays it grown in many of the winemaking region in the world. They produce wines in a wide variety of styles ranging from very dry to very sweet and sparkling and specialty wines.

A most exclusively and sweet variety of Madeira wine is made from the Malvasia grapes only. These an exclusive variety of grape used to produce white wine and more rarely red table wine or sometime used as part of a blend of grapes in Italy. These grapes are capable of producing wine of any feasible color in dry, sparkling and sweet styles.

History of this Sardinian typical wine:

Malvasia is believed to be an ancient family of grapes that thought to be indigenous to Greece as Monemvasia and brought to Italy by the Romans, from where it spread most notably to Spain, France, Portugal and Croatia and also includes a diverse collection of noble varieties. Malvasia wines are medium to strong with alcohol content of 11.5 and 13.5vol% and moderate with acid content, between 5, 0 and 6,5g/l of total acids.

Malvasia most widely used is the Malvasia Bianca. This white grape variety of Cagliari (campidano) is used to make rich flavored desert wine by dry grapes before crushing with the elemental aromas of pears and spice with fresh fruity flavors. These wines are easy to drink, crisp, and refreshing. Unique style of Malvasia wine characterized by its dark color (depending on the type of Malvasia used) and rich, ripe and nutty flavor.