What is Greco Nero wine? Taste it during a wine tour in Cagliari!


Discovering sardinian typical wines is a miraculous journey. Once explored, many oenophiles embrace these wines with a loyalty and passion competing that of the Italians themselves. It’s important when approaching Italian wines to recognize that each region has its own unique identity made up of historic, cultural, geographic and comestible factors that greatly influence the wine styles produced there.

What is Greco nero wine?

Italy produces a huge amount of table wine, vermouth and cooking wines. Greco Nero is the dark-skinned variant of Greco Bianco, thought to have originated in Ancient Greece that sparked your interest.

Where you can find Greco nero wine as well as during wine tour in Cagliari?

Today, Greco Nero is found chiefly in Calabria and Sardinia (Cagliari), southern Italy, where it is grown more widely than its Bianco sibling. however, is rare, as the variety is most commonly blended with Gaglioppo in a number of Calabria’s DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) wines, which is the highest classification, and for the most part “guarantees” quality at many levels in terms of the winery adhering to the mandates.

The taste of Greco Nero that you can fell during a wine tasting tour in Cagliari:

Apparently Greco Nero Is widely grown in vineyards due to its resistance fungal diseases, this particular grape is predominantly found in Calabria in the southern part of Italy. The soils on their properties are also varied, much like the altitude of their vineyards. GB is made using a host of indigenous grapes in differing percentages. The GB 2011 ferments in stainless steel vats and ages in barriques for 12 months after which time, it spends six more months in the bottle. They only make 8,000 bottles a year of this wine.

Greco Nero wines, usually blended with Gaglioppo, are usually characterized by flavors of plum, cherry and black fruit. This particular wine was both fruity and floral with the toasty and mineral notes, that you get from batonnage.  It also had a slightly noticeably laced with cherry, plum, and other black fruits. I highly recommend trying this wine or others from the winery when you see them.