What is Giro wine? Taste this wine during a wine tour in Cagliari!


Crafting fine wine requires relentless commitment. Giro wines are specializing with the refreshing brighten bold red wine with the serious style. It is a red Italian grape variety mostly used in the production of fortified wines and grown in the Sardinia Island. Girò is likely a parent variety of grapes that listed as the same variety as Albaranzeuli Nero and shown itself to thrive in very hot and dry climates. These grapes consider high level of sugar that use to make a well production of sweet and bright red wines.

Giro is a red Italian grapes variety that originate in the Spain and nowadays most commonly found in the Sardinia, a famous Island of Italy. Sardinia is famous for the production of fortified and table wines. These indigenous and exclusive variety of grapes use in the fortified wines to make sufficiently soft, intense and potently alcoholic red wine. These wines are naturally very intensely flavored and excellent with food.

Other about the taste of Girò wine that you can feel during a wine tasting tour in Cagliari:

Giro verity is most commonly used to produce dry and sweet wines with the characteristic of cherry aroma. Both sweet and dry fortified styles red wines must have a minimum alcohol level of 14%. These wines are very lively and always gives you a freshness taste. Giro wines known for high potential alcohol content with the sweet port are best matched to desserts, particularly those involving baked fruits, coffee or dark chocolate. Its excellent intensely flavored goes perfect with cheeses and rich meaty dishes. Now whenever you will enjoy a good wine after some biking or hiking in the forest, remember these explanations, and try to analyze how the wine in your glass was produced!