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What is Sa Panada?

Sa Panada is a classic dish of Sardinia, especially made in the area of Monte Acuto. The dish is of Spanish origin and the preparation and the ingredients vary from area to area. Sa Panada is usually a traditional pie made with meat and potatoes stuffing inside the dough. The filling varies as it may be done with lamb, pork, cheese and many more.



The word ‘Panada” is derived from Latin word panada panem meaning food wrapped in bread dough. The mention of this dish was heard in Roman times as well as during the Italian ages. They are prepared during festivals and celebration but now are popular in Italy and several other villages in South America.

Sa Panada is served as a main course and was believed to be stuffed with eels in the past. It is still prevalent in the regions of Campidano, for the fishing activities in the Lake Coghinas Oschiri and in the Pond of Cagliari.

Now, panadas are mostly consumed with lamb and the vegetables may include peas, artichokes and beans. To enhance the flavor of the dish dried tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, parsley and others are added. Apart from meat Sa Panada also has a vegetarian option made from zucchini, eggplants, artichokes, peppers, potatoes and garnished before they are served.

Sa Panada is prepared all over Sardinia in small buffet, which are followed by salads, desserts, pizzas, paninetti sheets and is a traditional dish plate up during occasions and festive events.

Baking process

d1afb2ac7279510772b66895365e0f21To make Sa Panada all purpose flour, durum wheat, lard or oil, salt and slightly warm water is required for the pastry. For the fillings big chop lambs, thinly sliced potatoes, tomatoes, and garlic, parsley, virgin oil, salt and pepper is needed.

Mix the flour, water and salt in a bowl until we get soft dough. Add lard or oil in the dough to make it smoother and plain and knead it for a couple of minutes. Make the dough into a ball, cover it with a plastic sheet and leave it for 30minutes.

After the dough is prepared, roll it into thick sheets and cut 4 circular shaped sheets, large enough to fill your pie pan. Cover the outer edge of the sheets with the remaining dough and pinch well around the border making it look like a basket. There should not be any place to let in the air as it may dry up the pie.

Now, when you start to fill, it must be remembered that the stuffing can be put in layers or mixed together. To fill in layers place the tomatoes, garlic and minced parsley at the bottom and put potatoes, lamb, oil and others on top of it. Close the pie basket with another circular sheet of dough and compress it on the sides.


Heat the oven at 200°C and bake the pie for 2 hours. To know whether your pie is ready or not shake it gently to see if the ingredients move. Garnish your Sa Panada with tomatoes and parsley and serve them hot to eat.

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