Food tour Sardinia Sweet tour in Cagliari

Cagliari food tour “Cheese and Sweet” in Sardina

Sardinia is a place of curiosities and the secrets of the ingredients. Christmas, Carnival and Easter all feature the preparation of traditional sweets and sweet dishes. Sardinia provides a fine selection of wine, cheese and sweet. There are many things, which is proudly discovered by Sardinia. Sardinian sweets and other yummy ingredients are a pride of gastronomy and simply mouthwatering.

Sardinia sweets food tour in Cagliari: what can you find?

Sardinia introduced various tradition and an amazing combination of desserts and sweets. In there is most common are “Pardulus” a small soft pastries filled with ricotta cheese further sweetened with sugar, saffron, vanilla and lemon.

Sardinian sweet food tour in Cagliari pardula

A central north parts produce Casadinas’. It is exactly the same as the above but the ricotta is replaced with fresh grated pecorino.

A famous Easter sweet is Torrone. The soft nougat bar popular at Christmas.

Seadas sardinian food tour in Cagliari

The other most common are “Seadas” a fresh-pasta fritters stuffed with cheese and topped with sour honey, “Tiricche” a grape or fig-based, “pap Assini” a glace rhombus-shaped biscuit, “Formaggelle” a round pastry of fresh pecorino or ricotta, seasoned with sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, lemon, “Suspiros” a sugar feast round balls made by almonds, sugar, honey and flavored with delicious Mediterranean lemon fragrance, “Tiliccas” A thin double layer of paste and sweet amalgam made with honey and toasted almonds.

Sardinia’s cheese food tour in Cagliari:

Sardinia is an aromatic gazing land and master of dairy products which has inaugurate skillful cheese products that starts mouthwatering. There are many local cheese products which are popular in the worldwide. “Pecorino” it is called a Sardinia’s pride and king of local production, matured salted sheep’s milk cheese is popular worldwide is highly recommend to try with fresh green salad or grapes and figs, while with honey is a perfect match of sweet and sour flavors, “Ricotta” is a delicacy made by sheep milk. It is delicious with salt or sugar on the top and really your taste buds, “malloreddus” is some semolina gnocchi – a kind of pasta – seasoned with pork fat sausage.

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