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Sa Cordula: Typical Sardinian Dish



Sa Cordula is a classic Sardinian recipe. Made from the innards of an animal, essentially lamb, the process is tiresome and long. Sa Cordula and a similar dish Sa Tratalia are antique recipes passed on by the shepherds and farmers of Sardinia. It may sound awful but it is delicious to the last bit. It is a Sardinian tradition to prepare one’s own animal for the dish. Chosen from a fresh flock of young lambs or goats, the slaughter of the animal forms an integral part of their annual festivity.


Sa CordulaSardinian dishes are famous for their healthy ingredients and hygienic cooking. The people of Sardinia have a huge get-together twice in a year. During the months of winter and spring the Sardinian outdoors can be seen crowded with men, women and children running amok. Men argue on how to butcher the animal while the women prepare various desserts, sauces and ravioli. Women take on the role of the cook actively. Sardinian delicacies are simple in preparation but patience is needed to cooking them to perfection. Sa Cordula or Sa Cordha (Different name in regions) needs accuracy as it is made from various parts of the intestinal tract of the animal. The pieces are washed and cleaned thoroughly. Mistakes are not entertained in cooking as it takes a whole day to cook it. An important part is the Su Schidoni, where the liver, pancreas, heart and the glands are inserted .The intestines are entwined around it, a very difficult but thrilling process known as braiding.. During such a preparation all eyes lay on the one who does it, the part which appeals to even the outsiders. Be it a child or a tourist, everybody is amazed at the skilful cook.


Recipe – Sa Cordula with Prisucci

Sa Cordula with Prisucci

Ingredients needed:

  • Lamb or Goat – 700-800g
  • Onion – 1
  • Peas – 700g (Black olives and Broad beans can also be used)
  • Extra Virgin Olive oil – To taste
  • Salt – To taste

After the process of braiding is completed, the braid is carefully put in pot of salted water. Fragrant pieces of herbs called Lardo, is used to seal the braid. It is left to cook for 1 and a half hour. Then the water from the pot is drained and the braid is put in a pan with a little olive oil. It is cooked until color turns brown. In another pan sliced onion are cooked in oil until golden brown. The peas are then put in the pan and cooked for about twenty minutes. At the end, the braid is added and the mixture is left to cook for some time. Salt is added accordingly.

The braids are then cut into thick slices of 6-7cms and served hot.

The Sa tratalia is prepared over a live fire while the Cordula can be cooked in a pan.

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