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Excursion to Masua, Porto Flavia, Pan di Zucchero, Cala Domestica

With the Excursion to Masua, Porto Flavia, Pan di Zucchero, Cala Domestica you will discover one of the most fascinating landscapes in Sardinia, starting from Funtanamare, passing through the small villages of Nebida and Masua with their unique beaches, visiting the extraordinary mines of Porto Flavia, the wonderful beach of Cala Domestica and the the unique rock of Pan di Zucchero.

Descrition of Excursion to Masua, Porto Flavia, Pan di Zucchero, Cala Domestica

Starting from Cagliari, we will go to the west coast of Sardinia.

After stopping at at the big beach of Funtanamare, we will continue the tour in the coast sheer until Nebida suburb, with its breathtaking panoramic viewpoint on Laveria Lamarmora; here you could admire an ancient mining stone building facing the sea with an old landing place and its platform.

Along the road the coast offers a variety of beaches and headlands, including Masua with the stack of Pan di Zucchero, a wonderful cambric chalky rock, 133 meters high, created by the marine erosion that isolate it from the mainland.

After relaxing in the wonderful Masua beach, our tour will continue with 2 of the 3 following options:


You will visit the Porto Flavia gallery. a loading point for minerals, 600 meters long. It’s an engineering masterpiece constructed in 1924, to solve the problem of loading the ships. An unforgettable feature is the tunnel with a sheer drop over Pan di Zucchero and the sea of the Gulf of Gonnesa and San Pietro Island.

The route takes you along the waterfront, characterized by high calcareous cliffs. In this stretch of land nature is rich in nice smells of myrtle, juniper and rosemary. The Peregrine falcon chooses to make its nests in the cliffs, while the goshawk and the sparrow hawk can be seen circling above every wood of Iglesiente, where it is also easy to encounter the Sardinian partridge and hoopoe.


With this incredible Stand Up Paddle (SUP) excursion to Pan di Zucchero you will have the sensation to fly on the crystal and clear sea bed. You will snorkel in a blue deep and turquoise water, and you will row inside the heart of the rock in this natural caves.


Excursion to Masua, Porto Flavia, Pan di Zucchero, Cala Domestica, Funtanamare | Cala Domestica

Cala Domestica is a wonderful hidden beach. Set in a wild corner of the south-western coast of Sardinia, among white calcareous cliffs, the inlet of Cala Domestica delights the eyes of the spectator with a beach covered in fine sand mixed with gravel, with rocks dotted all around, as well as being hemmed in by dunes punctuated by rich scented vegetation in stark chromatic contrast with the unbelievable blue of the sea. The beach is found in a mining zone, and therefore on view, are the ruins of the buildings associated with the nearby mines; the stores or the depositories of the minerals to be embarked, but also tunnels that lead to the so-called Caletta, a reserved and very intimate beach, in which the mouth of a stream is found. In front, on the calcareous peninsula that looks to the south, the view is dominated by a solitary Spanish tower.

Details of Excursion to Masua, Porto Flavia, Pan di Zucchero, Cala Domestica

  • Tour Type: Cultural, Nature, Sport.
  • Activity Level: Easy/Moderate.
  • Starting Point: historic center of Cagliari, pick-up possible.
  • Destination: Funtanamare, Masua, Porto Flavia, Pan di Zucchero, Cala Domestica.
  • Duration: 12 hours.
  • Starting time: 8:30 / 9:00.
  • What is included:
    • Excursion to Funtamare, Masua, Porto Flavia, Pan di Zucchero.
    • Two (2) of this three (3) options:
      • Visit to Porto Flavia mines
      • SUP Excursion to Pan di Zucchero rock
      • Tour to Cala Domestica
    • Live guide
    • Relaxing and Sunbathing at the beach
    • Sun Umbrella
    • Snorkel equipment.
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